ibiza clubs and clubbing
Ibiza Clubs & Clubbing  

ibiza clubs and clubbing

Ibiza is home to some of the world’s most advanced state-of-the-art high-tech SUPER clubs and the best and most successful party promoters. Clubbing in Ibiza is a fantastic experience.
IBIZA CLUBS include clubs that started small in the old days, but grew into today’s mega clubs:
founded 1973 - today world wide brand), Es Paradis (1975), Amnesia (1976),UNDERGROUND (1982), Space (owned by Pepe Roselló since 1989), DC10 (1990),Eden (founded in1999, before it was the legendary venue KAOS), Privilege (founded in 1993 & the world biggest club + former legendary club KU!), but they were the establishers of the legendary ALL DAY & NIGHT partying in Ibiza, that was initiated back in the late fifties and early sixties.
In those years Hippies, India travelers and other free spirits brought incredible music & freedom to the island of Ibiza, when Spain was still under Franco’s dictatorship and restrictions.
These Hippy islanders, true feel free & party experts, introduced a mix of different electronic dance music styles and cultures, and showed the locals how to transgress in celebrating true love for music. Being pioneers in free living they were involved in the genesis of the Ibiza Clubs, by introducing new electronic music, originally from Goa (India), that together with influences of house, trance and techno
styles, successfully resulted in the creation of Ibiza’s signature ambient music style, the Balearic House Music, by famous island DJ Alfredo Fiorito.

Amnesia DC10 EDEN Es Paradis Pacha Privilege Space

Newer clubs, such as, IBIZA ROCKS, started their innovative LIVE MUSIC EVENTS in 2005, at BENIMUSSA PARK (open air venue Gala Night aka ’The Old Abandoned Zoo’), where animalistic debauchery of THE ZOO PROJECT started in 2006, the extravagant USHUAÏA Beach Club, first opened in 2010 and their mind-blowing VIP TOWER opened in 2013, SANKEYS famous UK clubbing brand, opened at Playa den Bossa in 2011, the OCEAN Beach Club, the first luxury beach club in San Antonio, opened in 2012 and former latest club asset, BOOOM, luxury club in former Heaven, opened on July 15, 2013, after lots of delay, but never heard from it again the next year. HEART IBIZA, combining food, music and art by the famous hands of Cirque du Soleir and the Adrià brothers, is 2015's much welcomed gift to clubbing in Ibiza.

HRHI Ibiza Rocks Zoo Project UshuaÏa Sankeys Ocean Beach HEART

Together the Ibiza Clubs have established Ibiza’s current position as Party Capital of the World, by attracting the world best DANCE producers and DJs for their club nights and by pleasing the international party crowd with legendary music & dance events every Summer, for decades in a row hosting some of the most outrageous parties, such as: FIESTA DEL AGUA, THE WHITE PARTY, MANUMISSION, CIRCOLOCO, WE LOVE, Judgement sundays, Meganite, gay party La Troya, F*** ME I’M FAMOUS, COCOON,  CREAM, PUKKA UP, ARMIN van BUUREN’s A STATE OF TRANCE, TIËSTO and many more presented by the crème-de-la-crème of the up-coming DJs.
Famous DJ’s, from all over the world, are spinning their tunes in the IBIZA Clubs and lots of celebrities perform and party in their favorite clubs on Ibiza.
Today’s LIVE performances of celebrity artists, as well as upcoming musicians, merely affirm the status of Ibiza’s frantic, hedonistic nightlife, that made the Island world famous.

Every club in Ibiza offers VIP treatment in one, or more, of their special VIP Rooms, where their guests will be pampered while enjoying their cocktails and watching the party crowd from above.

Do keep in mind that most of the Ibiza clubs have a dress code which means, men also are refused entry for being bare-chested... and another thing....don’t bring your camera you will have to leave it in deposit, for each club has its very own photographers.

Good advice: bring a full wallet, because visiting the Ibiza clubs is certainly not cheap.
The prices of drinks are well above the 10 euro, and the admission prices for the party nights vary between 30 and 90 euro.

* The Ibiza clubs together constitute one of the pillars on which the economy of the tourist industry is based, and to represent their collective interests, the seven biggest clubs initiated the ’Association of the nightclubs of Ibiza’, that frequently clashes with the interests of other hospitality entrepreneurs of Ibiza, who on their turn feel restricted in their possibilities of organizing events and live music.

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